ACT Action Plan

In life, not having a plan is actually to have a plan—and a very poor plan at that.

Knowing that the test with the best curve is the Dec ACT, incoming juniors should start preparing for the ACT over the summer between their second and third years of high school.  Students should register to take either the Sept, Oct and Dec ACT or the Dec, April and June ACT.  Why register to take three ACT exams?  In my 20 plus years experience working with students I have found that students rarely perform at their optimal level the first time they take the exam.  In other words, no matter how well prepared a student is for the upcoming test—and believe me, I always made sure my private students were well prepared for their upcoming test: Before their exam, all my private students had to take a full complement of at least three actual prior exams, given in a group setting, and administered under realistic testing conditions.  Even after all of this preparation, the vast majority of my students still underperformed on the test due to test anxiety.  The good news is that the vast majority of my students eventually acclimated to the test and did well either the second, or the third time they took the ACT.